• EAP-081/82/83/84/85ID
  • 57.61 aArea

Beautiful building plot for project development

“Building in Strée, Rue Biette is a good investment. Plot 585d is located in a small village of character in the province of Liege. Close to the city of Huy and the economic activity zone, Rue Biette remains nevertheless a very quiet street. The zoning area located less than 150m from the bottom of the plot is almost invisible thanks to the merlon and the plantations imposed during the extension of the latter in 2012. The impact of the Route de Strée is also very limited due to the topographical situation of the site. The road is located below parcel 525d and the creation of the latter has generated a slope with a 3 to 3.50m high difference in level. This embankment is currently privately owned by the municipality of Modave and allows for indigenous spontaneous planting, providing additional screening of parcel 525d in terms of both visibility and noise. The increase in traffic and the number of cars in general could discourage the purchase of a plot of land near a provincial road, but for some years now the Strée bypass has been developing to the north of the village, which will greatly reduce the current traffic in a few years’ time.

Movie: https://youtu.be/bObq2o8gU2c (paste into new tab in browser) 

Location                         Rue Biette – 4577 Modave

° Lot 1  – 925 m²
° Lot 2 – 617 m²
° Lot 3 – 691 m²
° Lot 4 – 1259 m²
° Lot 5 – 607 m²
° Lot 6 – 651 m²

Surface total plot  5761 m²

° District or neighbourhood : Strée
° Environment   : Residential area (urban or rural)


    • Land is facing street
    • Flat land
    • Width of the lot on the street   : 78.43 m
    • Connection to sewer network   : not equipped > mini sewers for each plot and drains for rainwater will be required
    • Water (CILE ) equipped with an “80-AC” water distribution pipe at the side of the houses for plot 585D.
    • Gas ( RESA ) not equipped > no information received, so it must be assumed that there is no gas in Rue Biette.
    • Electricity ( RESA ) equipped with 1 underground high voltage cable at the side of the plot 585D
    • Telecom ( proximus ) equipped on the side of the houses opposite plot 585D
    • Telecom ( VOO ) not equipped

Town Planning : 

  • Existing building permit : No
  • Building requirement: No
  • Subdivision permit : possible
  • Possible priority purchase right No
  • Proceedings for breach of planning regulations : No
    • OMSCHR~1

Rue Biette, Strée – Modave

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